Review Policy

Thank you for taking the time to read our review policy.

At the moment we are only reviewing Young Adult and Adult books in the following genres:
- Paranormal/Supernatural
- Dystopian
- Mythology
- Fantasy
- Science Fiction
- Zombie
- Chick lit/contemporary

You can take a look at our Goodreads accounts (Anoeska en Emma) or read our reviews, to get better idea of the kind of books we enjoy.


We prefer receiving hard copy books but since we both have a Kobo touch, we're also accepting e-books (.epub/.pdf).

 What we can do for you

- We write honest and open reviews on the books we received. We are not professionals and we will write about our thoughts, feelings and opinions.
- We write reviews in Dutch. This means we have a Dutch/Belgium audience.
- We will always write about the positive sides of the book but sometimes also the negative.
- We will always respect the author and will be polite in our review.

What you can do for us

You can send us an email using the e-mail address below. We will always respond to your questions and requests.
Please be clear in how we can help you (review, giveaway, interview, blog tour) and when you prefer the review to be written and by who. We will always try to meet those expectations but cannot guarantee it.

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